Tempur-PedicĀ® Morita Soaric Dental Chair

Revolutionary Comfort: Tempur and Morita Soaric - A First in New Zealand!

Our practice is now the first dental practice in New Zealand to offer the revolutionary Tempur-Pedic® dental chair for your comfort.  Tempur-Pedic®, known for its Swedish Mattresses and Neck Pillows™, recently introduced the newest addition to the company's professional product line -- the Dental Overlay.  Wow, an onlay for a dental chair!   This space-age material was actually developed by NASA to relieve astronauts of the tremendous G-forces during takeoff.

This proprietary seat pad and head rest is unparalleled in providing maximum body and neck support and comfort during dental procedures and uses a patented NASA-endorsed Tempur® material.  Don't worry, we will wake you up at the end of your appointment.

We now are utilizing Tempur on our state-of-the-art Morita Soaric treatment unit.  This advanced unit is second to none worldwide currently, and offers innovations other dental chairs only dream of.  Besides being sexy, it allows uncompromising precision in treatment.  Test drive the chair today! 

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