31 October 2018

Additive Recontouring in cases of excessive interproximal stripping | Restorative Dentist Auckland

Post by Dr. Clarence P. Tam, HBSc, DDS, FIADFE, AAACD

What happens when you get a case for reconstruction after "stripping gone bad", and I don't mean someone fell off a pole and broke their face.  Enamel stripping with unintentional dentin stripping in some areas in an effort to make space when expansion or extractions probably were the right choice.  

Invisalign short-course used to open spaces "right up" to allow for restorative space using both freehand and Garrison Compositight-guided reconstruction of the shape.  A micro layered technique was utilized to ensure full curing using GC G-Aenial Universal Injectable A2 and A1 to full contour.  Flexural strength: 176MPa.  Spaces will now be closed by the orthodontist.

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