31 October 2017

Aesthetic Restorations | Cosmetic Dentist Auckland

Post by Dr. Clarence P. Tam, HBSc, DDS, FIADFE, AAACD

Happy Halloweeeeen! Aesthetic restoration replacements are our specialty, especially when it comes to replacing dirty old amalgams.

This amalgam was pretty scary, featuring a vertical distoaxial hairline fracture that acted as a superhighway feeding a proximal D3 carious lesion.  Some Bisco Theracal LC was placed against the pulpal floor, and the entire preparation micro air abraded before a selective etch technique using Clearfil Universal Bond Quick.  The proximal wall was constructed with the help of the Garrison Compositight 3D XR sectional matrix and Slickbands, and the entire restoration completed from whoa to go using Renamel Nano Plus A2.  Despite featuring an amazing chameleon effect, we characterized the fissure system and triangular ridges further using Cosmedent Creative Color.

Clarrie x

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