31 October 2017

Closing the Midline Gap | Replacement Restorations | Composite Veneers Auckland

Post by Dr. Clarence P. Tam, HBSc, DDS, FIADFE, AAACD

Subleties can make all the difference.  The 21 featured an old MBL restoration and a loose contact verging on diastema and exaggerated incisal embrasure.  We adopted the pre-crimped Mylar matrix technique employed in Skulpting Skool 102 and freehanded the linguoproximal aspects of 21 and used the pull-through technique to make the contact area more uniform and simultaneously correct the midline cant.  A simple bilaminar technique was used using Kerr Harmonize Enamel A1 and Dentin A2 as pre-selected before dehydration.

Beautiful material to skulpt and polish!

Clarrie x

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