09 January 2018

White Fillings | Restorative Dentistry Auckland

Post by Dr. Clarence P. Tam, HBSc, DDS, FIADFE, AAACD

Happy New Year!  White fillings or restorations are hard to do well.

This amalgam on 17O featured recurrent caries which belies its pre-operative appearance radiographically.  The patient requested all her amalgams to be removed, otherwise we wouldn't have touched this.  After a total-etch bonding procedure using Optibond Solo Plus, the restoration was layered to completion using a single shade of GC Essentia U (50:50 ratio A2:A3).  "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo Di Caprio (Da Vinci) =)

Have a great rest of your holidays,

Clarrie x

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