Posterior Porcelain Bridges

Posterior porcelain bridges are used to restore a missing tooth space by using support/anchor teeth on either side of the space.  Crown preparations on these support teeth are necessary, so ideally, they should "need" a crown, and not be perfectly virgin.  Virgin neighboring teeth would obviate this option and a dental implant should be chosen instead.

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About Clarence

Clarence is originally from Toronto, Canada, where she completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery and General Practice Residency at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto, respectively. Clarence's practice is mostly limited to cosmetic and restorative dentistry. She is well-published to both the local and international dental press, writing articles, reviewing and developing prototype products and techniques in clinical dentistry. She frequently and continually lectures throughout New Zealand and Australia. Clarence is the Chairperson and Director of the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. She is an Accreditation Candidate and Sustaining Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and seeks to be the first in New Zealand to gain Accredited Status with them. Clarence is an Opinion Leader for multinational dental companies Henry Schein Shalfoon, 3M ESPE, Kuraray-Morita, GC Australasia, SDI, Coltene-Whaledent, Dentsply/Triodent/Rhondium and Voco. She is a passionate and approachable individual, and is committed to having an interactive approach with patients in all of her cases to maximize predictability.
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Patient testimonials

"Hi Clarence, How are you doing.  I am just wanting to let you know, that I am very happy with your top dentistry work...and that my Crown is still on good and strong.  After two other Dentists failed to refit my Crown, and a third refused and who only offered to do an unusual double Crown refit job, you were the Dentist who put it all right.  So, I am happy to let you know, that you have won my customer loyalty, and I like your excellent workmanship very much.  

Interestingly enough, after many years of first seeing your marketing advertisement in a magazine, and intending to see you one day when required, I was coincidentally recommended and referred to you by another Dentist who I highly regarded, who could not achieve your successful Crown refit outcome.

Thank you very much for doing top notch Dentistry work, I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a very good and dedicated Dentist."

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