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Everything Dental, Henry Schein New Zealand June 2016

(Dr. Clarence P. Tam, HBSc, DDS)
Everything Dental, Henry Schein New Zealand, June 2016
Brilliant Everglow: Universally-Esthetically, Simply Strong


Famdent Practical Dentistry Handbook, June 2017

(Dr. Clarence Tam, HBSc, DDS, AAACD, FIADFE)
Famdent Practical Dentistry Handbook, May-June, 2017; Vol 15(4): pp.1-3


Garrison Composi-tight 3D XR System

(Dr. Clarence Tam, HBSc, DDS)
Garrison Composi-tight 3D XR System Case Report
Garrison Dental Solutions


GC Australasia Silver Wave Publication ADC May 2017

(Dr. Clarence Tam, HBSc, DDS, FIADFE, AAACD)
GC Australasia "Silver Wave" Publication released Australian Dental Congress, May, 2017, pp.37.


GC Essentia NZ Launch Booklet - C. Tam

(Dr. Clarence Tam, HBSc, DDS)
(GC Australasia NZ EssentiaTM Launch Booklet): "Predictable Esthetic Reconstruction Using a Simplified, Bilaminar Technique with GC EssentiaTM"


GC G-Aenial Anterior Case Report: International Case Studies

(Dr. Clarence Tam, HBSc, DDS)
"Creating Deluxe Esthetics with Direct, Layered Composite Resin Veneers", Case Study 3, pp. 10-15 (GC International Case Studies Compilation, November, 2014)


GC G-Aenial Anterior: Case Report

(Dr. Clarence Tam, HBSc, DDS)
GC Australasia Publication, mid-2013.  GC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.


GC Insight Magazine Australia, July-September, 2015

(Dr. Clarence P. Tam, HBSc, DDS)
GC Insight Magazine, Case Inset - Composite Veneers using G-Aenial Anterior.


GC International Case Studies, Volume 2

(Dr. Clarence Tam, HBSc, DDS)


German Dental Newsletter (DZW: Die ZahnarztWoche): Article on the use of resin-impregnated glass-fiber ribbons in the fabrication of a long-term provisional composite bridge

(Dr. Clarence Tam, HBSc, DDS)
(Article in German)

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