Ian C.

"You are twice as good as any dentist I have ever been to.  I really enjoy coming here."

Lulu V-M.

"Dr Tam’s treatment plan has not only solved all my dental issues but has also given me a lot of knowledge which I can use to better care for my teeth between dental visits. I found the plan comprehensive in that it targeted all the areas I have problems with as well as suggestions for overall dental health which I have found to be both practical and useful.  I have never enjoyed such good dental health and it wouldn’t have happened without Dr Tam’s excellent approach to dentistry"

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Monique D.

"I had a bad experience with a previous dentist and am a very nervous patient as a result. Dr Tam has changed all that, I am now eager for my regular check-ups and enjoy dental hygiene as a result of Dr Tam’s treatment.  Thanks for giving me back my smile!"

Ashley S.

"Thank you firstly for seeing me yesterday at such short notice and secondly for the undivided attention you gave me while in your surgery, even pushing your other appointments back. I don't know if it is part of the training and culture of dentists in North America generally but you have that ability (maybe it is a gift) to make the patient you are treating feel that she or he is the absolutely focus of their attention. So thank you once again.
And yes, I will be nice to the tooth!"

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Ana V.

"I found Dr Tam very pleasant and extremely professional... I felt she really cared about me as her patient and helped me with what ever work I needed done on my teeth. Highly recommended :)"
- Facebook Page Comment

Mary R. (ADHB)

Clarence is, quite simply, the best dentist ever! I wish that she had been my forever dentist but that is sadly not the case. Not only is she an absolute perfectionist (eg with restorations including crown fit, colour, strength, alignment etc) and expert in her field but she is also dedicated to making the patient's experience very comfortable (pain free!) and inclusive. As my teeth were in a very poor state, a dental plan was mapped out and my concerns respected, discussed and sorted. She monitored my comfort while in the "hot seat" and regularly checked to see how I was feeling. And she also has a great sense of humour! I no longer have a sinking feeling about getting dental work completed. The work she does is absolutely amazing - my teeth look just fabulous and I have actually received compliments about them, for the first time ever. An added bonus is that I can whistle again! She really cares about, and takes pride in, my appearance. I heartily recommend Clarence Tam, she is a truly superb dentist who is passionate about her work.

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Tawa H.

Kia ora Clarence,

Thank you so much. I can't say that enough. For the first time in 8 years I have been able to smile without being self conscious of how awful my teeth look. In fact my teeth look more and more beautiful every time I look at them (I can't move away from the mirror haha!) and I am just so happy.

You're meticulous, brilliant at what you do and provide such a beautiful service.


Juliette T. (10 year old)

"I love my new teeth! I hated smiling before as people always said I didn't clean them, and I did. Now they look just like my other ones and I love smiling now. Thank you so much Clarence!"

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Simon W.

I want to thank Clarence for her brilliant work in restoring my teeth. After years of damage and some pretty average previous work Clarence has restored my teeth and I now have a smile I’m really proud of. In particular I want to thank her for the extra work taken to get my new crowns 100% perfect, I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks again.

Merin B.

"I wanted to take a moment to explain just how you have impacted my life. I can't begin to tell you how many people complement me on my teeth. I can't tell you how shocked they are when they find out they're actually veneers. I can't tell you how jealous they are of your work compared to work they've had. And I can't tell you how awesome it is to be able to smile worry-free and actually enjoy taking photos. You have literally changed my life. I never imagined a day where I would enjoy looking in the mirror and/or having my photo taken. I'm sure you must get letters like this all the time, but I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart that I THANK YOU. I literally tell people that they only way they'll get me back to a dentist is if they drag me back to New Zealand. And seriously, next time we're there I'm going to hunt you down!"

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