Kristin K.

I approached Clarence a couple of years ago as I had heavily filled teeth, some missing, and an upper partial denture which was very worn.  I was so impressed with such a gentle caring person, and also with such a great sense of humour.  She did a very thorough exam, took measurements of gum margins, x-rays, and examined each tooth very carefully. She promised me a list of all possibilities in order to save my teeth.
This I received in a very short time, and I could see she took her work very, very seriously.I was given several different options, and possible outcomes.  I decided to go for the full makeover, which was a big job.
As I live about two and a half hours from Auckland Clarence made things easy by making some long appointments. The longest I believe was an eight hour sessions with a break for lunch. She even went out and bought me some chocolate milk!  I have always had a fear of the dental chair, but have to say after a couple of appointments I actually came to enjoy them, amazingly enough!  Another thing I also felt very helpful, keep your eyes closed!  Clarence is so caring and gentle even the injections I loathe did't seem to hurt. She numbs the gum and gets you to breath, and it makes a huge difference.  At the end of many months of work I ended up with a smile I could not believe,and also felt I had made a lovely friend.  Clarence is a true perfectionist, which I loved, and I am so grateful I had the sense to choose her to do my teeth!  I can honestly say that apart from the initial consultation and first treatment, I never again went in there feeling nervous.

Lynda M.

I was very nervous on my first visit with Dr Clarence Tam, not knowing what to expect and not a confident person talking or smiling because I was not happy with my teeth. Within minutes of meeting Clarence I felt very comfortable as she was very caring, gentle and explained every detail. I am a few months off having all work on my upper and lower mouth complete, but I love what has already been done and can't wait to see my new beautiful smile. I highly recommend this practice, especially if you are scared of dental work, like I was. You could not be in better hands.

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Blake M.

From the time I walked into Clarence's practice to the time they completed my work the team made me feel welcome and very comfortable. It was a big decision for me to get my teeth done and Clarence Tam’s soothing work style made this a smooth process for me. She gave me many options to choose from that all blended in with my needs and my budget. Clarence has a great eye for detail which made me confident that I had chosen the right dentist to do the job.

I have been to many Dentists over the years because of the scale of work I have had done, and this was by far the most pleasant experience.

Thanks again for making my year and doing such a great job.

Rebecca T.: Localist

Best dentist I've ever had 

After a few years of avoiding the dentist Dr Clarence Tam and her team of specialists did a wonderful job. My procedures were completely pain free and from an expert hand. Even after several (quite large) fillings her work remained completely invisible. Clarence is the go-to dentist for those afraid of dentists for sure! Thanks so much for all your amazing work. Would HIGHLY recommend. 

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